BizeDoc Overview
BizeDocs Modules

Base Modules:

  • BizeWeb - Document retrieval
  • BizeCopy - Copies, moves or pre-processes files from configured gateways
  • Filer - Archives documents to cache and optical media or SAN configuration
  • BizeAdmin - BizeDocs Setup and Administration
  • BizeNotify - Manages the emailing of system generated alerts and messages


Provides retrieval and viewing of documents to all authorised users on the network via a browser on the desktop. Access to Cabinet Rooms and Cabinets is configurable using Active Directory groups.


Interfaces to core banking systems to provide archiving of reports to a centralised solution incorporating long term media storage. Designed for high volume processing.

AS400 Queue Manager

Automatically copies nominated reports from the AS400 job queues to BizeDocs. Reports can be sent from multiple queues to one BizeDocs queue, or several matched queue pairs of queues. Transfer from any job queue can be enabled or disabled as required. A complete history is kept of the reports copied to BizeDocs.


Converts paper into electronic images with centralised or distributed scanning at remote locations and stored into the centralised solution. Provides functionality to import documents saved to a network folder, or scanned via Multi Function Devices. The new Barcode functionality allows, via an option on the tools menu, to assign barcodes on a document to index fields in BizeScan. These fields will then auto populate on scanning.


Ensures data integrity. Eliminates incorrect details being entered by validating index data against corporate database tables such as core banking, HR or any other database reference tables. This validation process auto-populates values into the key index fields with data from the corporate databases.


Automated compliance checking of document capture with delinquency reports and system generated emails forwarded to nominated mailboxes for documents exceeding archive compliance requirements.


Provides a web service interface to your Internet Banking Provider's software to allow statements archived into BizeDocs to be viewed through Internet Banking.

Statement Production

BizeDocs statement production engine creates customer's PDF statements from the banking system's 'Flat Files' or XML files for printing emailing and archiving. Each statement type has its format stored in a template. This module can provide many cost benefits.

Signatures OnLine

Provides the ability for Tellers to quickly view Authorities, Signatures and Photo ID's of customers as well as any signing requirements when completing assisted transactions such as cheque cashing etc.

Signature Capture

Allows a customer's signature to be captured (cut and paste) from a scanned application or document, then indexed with the Customer Number and Name and saved to a signature file in BizeDocs. Signatures are immediately available to all users on the network for viewing and printing via BizeWeb.

Document Annotation

Provides the ability to mark-up a copy of saved text or image documents and add further information in a 'sticky note' with each 'note' recording the date and time of creation. The annotated document can then be accessed by other users for further annotation, providing a valuable information trail for auditors and managers.


Provides adhoc archiving to BizeDocs of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint documents. When the user clicks on the toolbar in a Microsoft Office application, a popup screen appears that allows the user to select a Cabinet Room and Cabinet and enter the relevant index details. Customer details entered are validated to the corporate database reference tables. Documents are immediately available to authorised users on the network.

Cheque Proofing

Reduces the possibility of manual errors made during the Cheque Proofing Process with the scanner automatically capturing the BSB, Account No and Serial/Cheque No. The cheque image is automatically captured and archived to BizeDocs as part of this process. Additional functionality allows for the centralising of processing of cheques received from other banks and is also interfaced to a pay / no pay system.

Centric Search

Allows the user to perform a search of all Cabinet Rooms and Cabinets by customer or employee ID. By entering the ID in the search field a list of all documents indexed to that person, across all Cabinet Rooms and Cabinets, is returned, providing a complete document history.

Report Search

Provides the ability to search for a specific report across all Cabinet Rooms and Cabinets with a single mouse click. Once the search results are displayed a Report Date search is activated enabling a specific report to be located and viewed within seconds.

Advanced Search

The BizeDocs Report Viewer provides the ability to search on three different values using a combination of AND, OR and NOT, as well as a date range. Once the value has been found, the page is automatically displayed and the value is highlighted. A complete search for all occurrences of the search criteria in the report can be specified and a summary is produced of all the lines / pages that contain the specified values. Selecting any of the occurrences will cause the report page to be displayed. Previous search criteria is saved for users who repeatedly perform the same queries.


System management module provides access for system administrators to create new Cabinets, add / remove users, apply / restrict access at Cabinet Room, Cabinet or report level. BizeAdmin includes access audit functionality which provides audit reports detailing which Users have accessed a particular document or which documents a particular User has accessed. The access audit report includes the time and date of each access.


Manages the automatic generation of daily status reports and error alerts from the BizeDocs modules providing system administrators with detailed information to maintain document and system availability. Email alerts can be sent to three separate locations, one being ACS Support, ensuring any major issues are investigated and resolved promptly.


Copies, moves or pre-processes files from configured gateways or network locations to the Filer Download Directories for archiving.


Mirror sites are available by means of replicated databases on servers housed in more than one location. These can be used concurrently with the primary system as extra production servers to reduce network traffic as well as for disaster recovery. A single change of a network setting (DNS setting) will allow all users from one site to access an alternative site when a server needs to be taken out of service.

Jukebox Analysis Utility

The Jukebox Analysis tool runs an automated analysis to provide a graphical snapshot detailing the used / free space of the jukebox cartridges allocated for Images, COLD Reports and Statements. This information enables staff to plan and schedule tasks required for the purchase of cartridges and mounting of new volumes in the jukebox prior to it becoming business critical. Historical monthly usage data is also provided to allow the company to track business growth and assist with forecasting future requirements.