BizeDoc Overview
BizeDocs – Modular. Intuitive. Data Integrity

BizeDocs Electronic Document Management solutions have been designed to advance information accessibility, simplify compliance processes, improve employee efficiency, and bring significant cost savings to your organisation.

Designed to take advantage of Microsoft's Dot Net development environment, this allows BizeDocs to be seamlessly integrated to many recent technologies.BizeDocs is comprised of a number of modules with specific functionality, ensuring scalable archive solutions for any size organisation and future expansions.

BizeDocs clients are constantly seeking to automate their business processes and reduce operating costs. As the BizeDocs system has been designed in such a way as to allow for the development of interfaces to the majority of third-party business applications used by financial organisations this provides clients with the opportunity to work with ACS to continually develop new modules and additional functionality to meet their business requirements.

The flexibility of the BizeDocs system and its proven DR capability ensures BizeDocs clients receive value for their investment.

  • Central repository for all document types
  • Validation of key index data
  • Designed for high volume processing
  • On-line real-time system
  • Enables adhoc document storage
  • Seamless integration with third-party applications
  • Provides several different fast search capabilities
  • Scalable for any size organisation
  • Modular applications for specific business needs
  • Institution layer to allow for multiple companies or organisations within a single implementation
  • Allows for multiple 'Mirror' sites which can be used for production or DR

BizeDocs Point of Difference

The key to data integrity is to ensure all scanned and imported documents are archived with correct indexing details. BizeVerify functionality eliminates incorrect details being entered by validating index data against corporate database tables such as core banking, HR or any other database reference tables. This validation process auto-populates values into the key index fields with data from the corporate databases With BizeDocs you can be confident in the integrity of your archive while eliminating all those incorrectly filed 'lost documents'.

Institution Functionality

BizeDocs design also allows service bureaus to provide multiple client archive facilities on a single system, using the BizeDocs institution functionality which allows for multiple domains and associated active directories. The system is on-line real-time with data being available across the network within seconds of it being generated from the host systems.


BizeDocs provides streamlined archival of application documents such as computer generated reports, scanned documents, word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDF documents, emails, music and video and Imaged files to a central repository. Proven high volume processing capability with fast throughput from various platforms makes BizeDocs well suited for individual organisations or large multi-client service bureaus.

BizeScan functionality provides multiple document imaging options with centralised or distributed scanning at remote locations. Process efficiencies are further increased with the use of functionality to batch scan, OCR/ICR or Barcode indexing capability and blank page detection.


BizeDocs provides fast user-friendly access of archived information to all authorised users on the network. The central repository is structured to emulate the search criteria used for core applications providing logical, intuitive access to documents.

Digitally-driven office environments help organizations facilitate efficient communication with subsidiary offices and/or remote workers, as well as other businesses and clients. Additionally, digital libraries optimize document-tracking for compliance purposes.


BizeDocs storage solutions bring significant cost savings to an organisation. By eliminating the need to store hard copy reports and documents, valuable office real estate can be converted from files storage to workstations.

Information is compressed and saved to hard disk cache and optical cartridges on the BizeDocs server or to a SAN configuration. Mirror sites are available by means of replicated databases and files on servers housed in multiple locations.