Environmental Policy

In fulfilling its mission, ACS will:

  • Minimise the consumption of energy, water and other material resources;
  • Minimise the generation of waste;
  • As far as we are able, monitor and assess environmental opportunities, risks and impacts;
  • Strive for continual improvement in our environmental performance;
  • Endeavour to ensure that suppliers, contractors and others acting on our behalf also meet acceptable standards of environmental performance;
  • Communicate our commitment to sustainable development to our employees – and as far as practical – to the general public.

A Significant ACS Achievement Toward Enviromental Sustainability

ACS has focused on the development of environmentally friendly software for our customers with our BizeDocs Electronic Document Management System. Our software provides a significant step towards assisting customers achieve their own sustainability goals.

BizeDocs COLD eliminates the need for printed output of business applications reports and allows for electronic distribution and annotation of these reports throughout organisations.

BizeDocs eStatements eliminates the need for paper based statements for financial institutions. This represents a significant minimisation of the impact on the natural environment across the community.

BizeDocs eForms eliminates the need for paper based invoices, statements and purchase orders for any organisation, by enabling all documents to be emailed to recipients